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Hey Ben, I set up my form and added the fields I wanted except I added one I don't want. How do I edit this? It has a delete button but it does nothing for me.

Thanks for your help, Gene
Are you trying to delete the field from the 'Database' Tab within the form ?
(Sep 10th, 2010, 2:57 AM)vizzaroo Wrote: Are you trying to delete the field from the 'Database' Tab within the form ?

vizzaroo, thanks for responding.

When I open my form to edit, the 4th Tab over is "Emails". When I click on this tab, the email section has a button on the bottom right "Configure Form Email Fields". When I set these up I added a second Name field that I do not wish to use. There is a "Delete" button on the right side. I was going to delete and start over but it does not remove the setup. This is a registration form for a baseball league and the 2 fields are "Players Name" and "Fathers Name". My submissions are coming in with 2 names like "Billy Smith John Smith. This is what I'm trying to eliminate.

Thanks for your help, Gene

Hey right after I posted this, I went in and highlighted the "Father Name" and hit that delete button and away it went! I wish I had tried that before! Thanks again.

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