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Form Tools hasn't received a successful test submission yet.
I've installed Form Tools dozens of times. I'm using the same webhost and setup I always do, but THIS time I keep getting "Form Tools hasn't received a successful test" at Step 3. Even though, I am copying and pasting the content Exactly as it appears.

I have no idea where to even look... Any ideas...? Anybody...?

You can see for yourself that the form submission code is correct

Nevermind.... I copied the code from another form and didn't realize that I had another "form post" about 10 lines above.... sheeeshh I HATE CODE!!!
haha Smile (Sorry!)

Glad it's working now, though!

- Ben
I have got same problem of it,
Any one have advice ?

Hi newbie,

It's kind of hard to debug without a little more info...

The basic problem is just that: Form Tools hasn't received a submission containing the test values. Maybe try re-reading through the tutorials again and comparing what you have with what's described.

It'll be one of these, depending on your form type:

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

- Ben

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