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Step 2 Error
I have installed Form Tools on my shared server under one of my domains. I added clients and created forms that reference back to the form_tools folder on that domain. It worked before but now the forms on other websites are not working. When I try to create a new form under a new client it gives me the following error on Step 2:

"The code you entered was incorrect. Go back and try again."

I installed form tools on my website

I am trying to setup a form on a client site

I had forms working on and already, but now they're not working. Can anyone help? Do I need to reinstall form tools on financiallyfaithful, and if so will it erase all my forms and submissions?


Hi Eric,

I'm so sorry, but I haven't actually worked on Form Tools 1 for almost 2 years now - I stopped supporting it back then. I can't keep up with Form Tools 2 support, let alone the older versions.

Sorry...! Sad

- Ben

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