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Email sent to user notifcation for client
When a client (or admin) can click on the email button that sends information to the person that sent in the form, is it possible to have it noted to the client that an email was sent?

If the client clicks on email button, and then the next day forgets if they sent the user an email on not, they are not sure. Would be nice if there was a notification after the email button is pressed that says on that record - like, you last emailed the user at (date).
Neat idea. Once I get my "Hooks Manager" module written, this will be pretty straightforward. This module is similar to the Submission Pre-Parser module: it lets you add code to be executed at ANY event (well, any event that has hooks in the code), unlike just the Add and Edit events supported by the Submission Pre-Parser module. You could use this to store the last-emailed-date in a separate submission field. Neat! Once the module's up and running, bug me about this again and I'll explain how to do it.

Thanks for the post!

- Ben
Thanks for your response Ben - I will be "bugging" you about this again Smile When you get the module done. This is something that would be real helpful for my use of your excellent program.

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