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Return Submission ID after Submit
Hey Community..

I've got a fairly complicated multi-form page in development and am using Ajax to submit the forms (currently not through API, but probably will be by the time I'm done) one by one in the background. Rather than generating a random number to associate all the forms on that page, I thought I'd just collect each of the Submission ID's of each form after I submit them.

I'd like to submit 4 of the forms, return their Submission ID's, and put those ID"s in a 5th form and then submit it...

My questions is, is there a way I can, instead of returning a "Thank You" page, return the unique Submission ID of each form? (XML formatted or whatever)

Any ideas would be much appreciated..

Hi Rich,

I'm so sorry I missed your post!

The truth is, there's no terribly good way of doing this right now. The API can handle adding a single form submission - and afterwards, extract the submission ID from sessions - but it's awfully kludgy for what you're trying to do. It should be as simple as a single function that is passed the submission data, form ID and returns the submission ID.

I'm going to be working on updating the API pretty soon (pre-2.0.5 release). I'll be sure to include a function for this.

Sorry I couldn't be more help in the meantime!

- Ben

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