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Submission Account module upgrade confusion

I have just installed this amazing script with a few more modules.
After playing with the functions for half a day, I gave a try to the upgrade function. It was a fresh install, so I was surprised that the result page showed an outdated version (1.1.2.) of Submission Account module, although I have downloaded and installed v. 1.1.3.
Okay, I let that page create the upgrade script, I have downloaded then installed it. Nothing changed.
I looked at this module's module.php file, and there you can see
$MODULE["version"] = "1.1.2";
though it should be 1.1.3.

I suppose it's just a small bug, or maybe I made some mistake?

Thank you again for this wonderful script, the thorough and easy-to-understand documentation.
Oops! Yes, that's a bug - thanks! :-)

I'll release a fix for it now.

- Ben

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