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Problems importing FT1 users into FT2

I just tried to import FT1 data and users into our FT2 installation. Everything goes well until inporting the users:

There was a problem adding one of your clients: • Sorry, that username is already taken. Please enter another username.

That's a good message, but how can I fiugre out what user will be duplicated. Is it possible to duplicate the user with manually or automatically modify the Loginname? I think I will have several duplicated users then...

With regards,

Hi Peter,

Yeah... not ideal, is it? Ideally, it would run a test to check for conflicts prior to attempting to import them.

Do you have a large number of users? Could you visually check over the old version and new to see which will be duplicates?

If not, let me know and I'll look into tweaking the module.

- Ben
Hello Ben!

The old FT1 system (I just only have the database) has 78 clients and the new FT2 system has 17 users. So it is possible to find out the duplicates. Would it be the best to get access to the old application and rename the old duplicates before importing? After importing I would drop them and change the forms' owner to the existing one.

With regards,

Hi Peter,

Quote:Would it be the best to get access to the old application and rename the old duplicates before importing.

Exactly - that's how I'd do it. Realistically, since there are only 17 collisions that you're concerned about, it shouldn't be *too* much work temporarily renaming them through the FT1 admin section.

Again, sorry the module doesn't do this for you! I'll totally keep it in mind for future upgrades.

- Ben

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