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Tried adding CAPTCHA api I'm lost
I have used Form Tools on about 10 forms and now I am trying to add Captcha to improve them. When I followed instructions and put the code at the VERY TOP of page, my page becomes blank.
Here is one line of that code
Maybe I need to install something else in my form tools first because I do not even have an api directory inside the global directory.

I have my config.php, a library .php, license.txt, admin_styles.css, a code folder, a jscalendar, lang,scroipts, and templates folders but no api.
I am stuck and am tired of getting spam from bots.
Any help would be appreciated.
Jim again, I found the API download.
I am guessing that I will create the api directory inside global, then put api.php in there.
there was also a recaptchalib.php and an index.php do I put those in the api folder too.
Note the folder that downloaded was actually named api1 not api so what do I name the directory I create in global?
Hi Jim.
Your structure should be like this:

The reason your folder was named api1 COULD be that you've already downloaded it before and your operating system renames the new download to prevent the old one from being over written. Any way, rename the folder to just "api" before you upload it.
OK Maybe the problem was that I had Form Tools 1.5.1 installed in my own hosting computer.
Then I did a fresh Form Tools install on the Go Daddy hosted site which is currently Form Tools version 2.0.4 AND COMES WITH API integration. I made one form and even added Captcha and it works.
Now my question becomes what do I do with the old 1.5.1 install on my in house host computer?
Is there a way to upgrade to the current version of Form Tools without losing all my forms?

Thanks, Jim
Hi Jim,

Good question. Frankly, not really...

Form Tools 1 and 2 are very different scripts - I knew that I'd kind of be starting from scratch with version 2, so a fully-functional upgrade mechanism doesn't exist; the database and content are just too different.

That said, I did write a module to import the data from FT1 to FT2:

It's not perfect, but it imports the majority of the data & client info.

Since your two installations are on different servers, you'll need to make a copy of your FT1 database and create it on your GoDaddy site before being able to use that module.

At that point, you'll need to migrate your forms to point to the new Form Tools 2 installation. I'd give the module documentation a read over for that.

Good luck! Smile

- Ben
Is the captcha where you have to solve a puzzle much more complicated than the letters captcha?
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