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Multiple Tabs/Forms
I'm not sure if formtools is the way to go with this..

I'm trying to create a page with tabs, clicking on each would bring up a different form, but when submitted, data from all would be emailed/stored. Is this possible in form tools? If it has to be simplified a little, that may still work for my purposes.

Any tutorials, examples, code or info appreciated!!

Hi flamingoezz,

Thanks for the post!

Yes, Form Tools can certainly handle the backend - storing your form submissions & emailing the content, but it won't handle the actual form creation or sticking them in tabs. For that, you'll need to create the forms yourself, manually or through a WYSIWYG tool like Dreamweaver or Expression Web.

Hope this helps -

A little late but;
I'm using Dreamweaver and have had good results with putting forms into Spy collapsible panels. I'm sure that it would also work just the same for the Spry tabbed panels.
Formtools just looks for the form elements and ignores the divisions of the panels.
I just create the form within the "content" section of the panel.
It is working great for me by allowing more form input if needed without making the initial page multiple screens long.
Form tools have an information about multiple tabs and forms. It includes to make actual form creation or sticking them in tabs. You need to check and get to learn more new update about the study. They are providing handling and submitted data with working units. Join it for more information.

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