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embedded pictures
Dear Ben,
attachements work fine with Swift Mailer, should the next step be adding a support for embedded pictures? I hope it is not too difficult as there is a Swift Automatic File Embedding Plugin already included in SM package.

Would be very useful for html e-mails improvement.


Yup! This is a terrific idea. I'll add it to the feature request list.

Thanks Pavel!
Embedded content is a key feature for me. Don't want to hack or climb the module learning curve if release is imminent. Any clue to timescale?

Your passion for this project is clear. It is quite simply the most elegant and accessible form processing solution out there. Sorry to have to ask for more :-)
Hey Coolaid,

Thanks for the post! Yeah, it's a really fun project. My girlfriend thinks I like Form Tools more than her. Smile

I'll look into it today and get back to you. I kind of want to finish the Form Tools Wordpress plugin first, but I'll spend a little time seeing if this an easy addition or not.

Keep you posted...

[EDIT: Were you thinking of embedded images that were just uploaded via the form, or images that already existed on the server? (or both?)]

- Ben
Hi Ben,

Right now, I need to embed an image (often a company logo) so I can get around linked image blocking at the email client. So, I would want to define embedded images on a per form basis in both client and user emails.

My guess is you're thinking if you commit time it should be a comprehensive treatment - supporting both statics and uploads. That would be neat. Don't know what complexities handling uploaded images may introduce but hopefully not enought to put you off.[Image: biggrin.gif]

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