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Form Builder - Multiple Rows/Columns design?

I just purchased Form Builder and was wondering if there are any plans to drag/drop the fields into a more column/row approach, versus the current one column, many rows.

Just like on a real form, where fields are in multiple spots on the page, and in multiple columns and rows. This would allow us to build an exact replica of a paper based form, and make it completely electronic.

Best Regards,


Hi Bruce,

I have a vague recollection of responding to you about this (apparently I only have about a 12 hour memory these days) but in case I didn't...

You can customize the Form Builder templates to display the form fields in whatever format you want, but it can get pretty fiddly to get it all set up right. The reason they're all displayed in pretty straightforward vertical format is simply because it works well across all forms, regardless for order, fields types etc. More complex formats require very custom markup, depending on your data set. These would be of little use to distribute to everyone, so it's kind of up to the individual to work on them.

But I'd definitely spend some time with the online demo testing it out to get a sense of how modifications would work.

Good luck!

- Ben

I would love to see some more detailed information about this.
(Mar 7th, 2012, 9:45 AM)dutchmichigan Wrote: I would love to see some more detailed information about this.

This would be the "Holy Grail' for our IT department :-)
I like to see multiple rows/columns design because it helps the user to focus on the message they want to send. When you have multiple columns, you can use a space-based layout to separate different types of information or topics. Explore this site for better reviews. You could also add a header in the top row with a title and a call-to action (CTA), then move down and add subheaders below that to break down more detailed information.

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