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Is Form Tools the right tool for me?
I'm creating a web site for a competition using CMS Made Simple, unfortunately a couple of the third party modules I need for the functionality I need don't work and their developers have gone AWOL.

I need the ability for people to be able to register on the site and once registered fill in an entry form. They need to be able to enter as many forms as they wish, though more than two would be unlikely, and then edit them later if necessary.

I am able to get them registered on the site and create and store the forms, however, the editing form function is broken. I can pass the form to Form Tools no problem. The trouble is, I'm not sure how to go about extracting the information from Form Tools and enabling them to edit without them having to go to Form Tools. That's not necessarily a problem, except that there doesn't seem to be a way to self register, or pass their login details from the original site.

Is it possible to access form tools from a different site? I say different site, it's all on the same server/domain, formtools is stored in a directory.
Take a look at:

"This module converts a form submission into a simple user account, letting the individual who submitted the form log in to edit their values."

Once the user submits a (registration) form, they have an account which they can log back into and edit.

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