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Form Tools Core (3.0.0-alpha-20171023) no dropdown/radio list selections
I am using the latest version of Form Tools Alpha 3.0 (released 23-10-2017) removed data visualisation before install, installed it fine, starting making a form, either one thing not working. Defining new dropdown/option list or radio button selection, it says faulty action and leads me to my standard 404 page on my domain. When clicking back all is fine, either still can't make dropdown/optional list structure or radio button structure.

Anyone with a solution?

Dropdown setting list points to .../formtools/admin/forms/edit/?form_id=1#
Radio button option list points to .../formtools/admin/forms/edit/?form_id=1#

Is this correct?
I don't have a solution but I would recommend reporting it here:
Oh, never mind, I saw this problem yesterday, and there wasn't a selection box. Now I see it and I can put in Option lists, so sorry for putting this here, it's solved automaticly. Was probably a old browser related issue! Smile
Aah, spoke to early, could only apply 1 option list, problem still persists. Sad
Thanks Mark + Alex!

This should be fixed in today's alpha release. I've closed the ticket []. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. To upgrade, just copy over the entire content of the latest alpha and that should fix it.

All the best -

Dear Ben,

Thank you very very much! Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin I can confirm that it's working now! I apreciate your work very much! Would be great if Form Maker and Data Visualisation plugins are coming soon. I Wish you best of luck!

Your's Sincerely,

_Mark (aka djdadevil)
Thanks Mark Smile

The Data Visualization module is actually FT3 compatible now & can be downloaded from the usual place:

Form Builder coming soon!

I also appreciate your work very much!

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