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External Form Builder
Hi All,

First off, I have already successfully used this application for some time, however, I'm curious what people use to 'build' their 'external' forms aside from hand coding?  I've attempted to find a few applications that will do the nuts and bolts of the form, but not had much success because either they don't give you a WYSIWYG view to place things, or if they do, it modifies the code needed for formtools as a external form.  The backside of this is I am attempting to create a sort of 'user' database that people can login to and update their account information year to year, but I'm not quite sure how to use the 'get' in conjuction with this.

Anyone have any suggestions?

My coding is novice at best and really only for basic things in HTML/PHP and I can generally figure things out, but it just takes me forever.  So any direction/input on either of the topics above would be great.


Bump.  Any thoughts on this?  More so the database that will store user information so they can log back in, and update their info.


Hey Lyle!

For my part, generally I do all build all my forms from scratch, but back in the day I used Dreamweaver + a little bit of Microsoft Expression Web. Funnily enough, this is actually how Form Tools got started. I used to work for a few web shops in town who were able to create simple forms using these tools (or their predecessors!) and then hired me to hook it up to a database. After doing it manually a couple of times I wrote Form Tools to simplify the process.

But besides those, I don't have any recommendations for modern webpage building apps. Anyone else have a favourite?


Coming from legacy software development tools (dBase and Foxpro and old clients that do not want to break things that works, the do want to have a copy of data from remote locations).

Previously I just provide a CSV builder and they send the files to the party that requires 'em.

Now they want more and still wants to maintain the legacy programs. I don't know any PHP. I don't know about those big databases. I just can follow instructions and read installation guides. FormTools really helped me in the new need.

I just create a small program that reads a dbase records and send them to process.php in my FormTools installation. Then another program on the receiving end to download from views created within the receiving form. I gotta to keep my old knowledge and use new things without even going through the steep learning process (PHP and MySQL).

Its been 4 years since and going strong....until...(this is another story)

This week, there's a form with a 780k+ records and I cannot view the submission, got 500 Internal Server Error.
Been talking with web host support and they are still working on the issue.

Nowadays, I kinda left Foxpro and move on to C# and SQLite for local database. Still not learning any PHP or MySQL. FormTools again to the rescue for solving data sharing with remote users.
Thanks for the feedback...  I can fumble through the php form building stuff for the most part.  On a side note, and this is probably somewhere in the forums or docs, but I can't seem to find directions.  I'm wanting to create a user database that retains customers information, but want to add in usernames/passwords so just specific fields can be updated.  I'm not sure at all how to do the get's and populate the existing form.  Is there somewhere here that goes through that also?  I know there are 'client' accounts, but I want create a external login page like my existing form is and pull the data vs. using the application interface login page.  I'm presuming this is done with a get form vs. post, but I'm in left field on this one.

Thanks for any direction.

I'm using Wordpress and I've attempted to use various Wordpress plugin, contact form & form builder to do just the thing that you want to do. I reckon, plugin developer wanted their plugin to be stand alone, they created their own schema to store all form's data within Wordpress framework. That's not what I want.

The adventure begins (my case), need to find a plugin that works with external data, ie. that can collect form's data and push to a URL with post/get data. Failed in my mission.

Life is not easy when you do not have the right tool & knowledge.

Then resort to form design assistance using and add a snippet to the submit button. My FormTools setup already using external form and able to receive. The FormTools form also include Submission Account plugin (This module converts a form submission into a simple user account, letting the individual who submitted the form log in and edit their values.)
Creating such forms are not easy for many people and it is a great place for the developers who are interested in it. Someone is answering correctly is really worthy for anyone asking questions here. From the review people can find more detail of such solutions.
No doubt you are providing best programming help but you must mention here the complete process of getting your services. I just hire php developers for my class project and glad to see their response.
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