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[Solved] Problems with setting upload folder permissions
HI all,

firstly this is a great piece of software - even as a novice I can pretty much get it all happening ! Fantastic work - cheers to the creators ! Well done.

My problem is with the file upload permissions. (again..sigh). I have read the tutorials (very well written and other examples for about 5 hours and just cannot crack this.

I have checked my server using info.php - uploads are on. So not a server issue.

I am unable to get Form Tools to submit the picture file when using the edit function on a submitted record via the admin tools. I am unable to conduct a successful "Test Folder Permissions" and "Confirm Folder-Url match" through the admin functions.

I have used my ftp program to change the permissions to 777 on my "upload" directory. Many times !!!

So, I guess, I am simply not pointing to the correct folders ?

I am having this site hosted, so my "Upload Folder Path" is :

/servername/6-tes/xx/xx/ is the upload folder URL I am using.

(I have changed a few things out to prevent any security issues with the site - it is not secured much yet.)

I get a blank yellow box that goes from dark yellow to light yellow on the Test Folder Permissions and "In order to run this test, the permissions need to be set on the upload folder to allow for reading and writing files (777 on Unix)." on the "Confirm Folder-URL match"

Could someone please offer some advice before I have no sleep - no hair and a terrible headache ?

Thanks for any assistance,

does it help to add that the info.php says the "upload_tmp_dir" is "/tmp/upload" of course with no quotes.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

HI guys,
I have still continued to work on this problem and got the solution. (I feel very happy about this !!!)

Basically, my web hosting company did not allow access to the upload folder in the basic php.ini configuration. As soon as I contacted them, they allowed access to the folder and hey presto - the test folder permissions and confirm folder - url match worked correctly and files were uploading to the server exactly where they should be through my form.

So if anyone has this issue in future, check with the hosting company and confirm that you have access to the upload directory specified in the info.php script.

Then, once you are confirmed to have access,


I hope this helps anyone in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to think about my issue.

Hi jglnb,

Sorry you had such trouble with this...! Funnily enough, I went through the same problem a while back - exactly the same cause.

But I'm glad you got it resolved now.

All the best -

Thanks Ben,

hopefully someone will be able to fix this problem with this bit of advice !

Much appreciated.


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