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Google map won't list
Hello to all,

I have one question about the showing google maps by Clients who can NOT edit submissions!
My Form Tools Core version is: 2.1.2
Google Map Module: 1.0.6
No core modifications!

I have two views for an submission, one for the Admin (who can edit every form field). And another one view for clients for the same submissions, but the clients can NOT edit any form field. The google maps is shown perfectly for my admin view, but for the client view is google maps NOT showing. But If I change only the adress form field as editble for the client view, the google maps shows perfectly. ----> Is it a BUG? Or did i have make wrong configuration somewhere?

Thanks for every help...
Hi Croman,

I'm afraid not! If the Google Map field isn't editable, it will just show the field value - not show the map. The map is only displayed if the field is editable - this is by design.

Sorry about that!

- Ben

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